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“When the uniqueness of the territory meets the genius of men, viticulture becomes indispensable as an expression of history, geography and culture.”


Winter is time for pruning, if  not too cold. Usually we start with the beginning of the year and we go on until March. We have chosen guyot pruning with guided branches following Simonit&Sirch guidelines.

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If the season is dry enough, as a first step rows are cleaned with the  inter-row blade  to keep under control the growth of weeds. On the other hand weeds between the rows are left growing high. Before the end of March we spread 500. Later on shoots are tied up and twigs are collected. As soon as the new sprouts are around 10 cm long and if temperature is high enough the vineyard is treated with copper and sulphur. Our aim is to keep the quantity of copper under the  limit of 3 kg per hectar over the whole year. After the first 5 leaves blossomed we treat with 501 to set up the plant.

...... ............



The next step is an early deleafing with the purpose to remove leafs under the grapes, which have right sprouted. At the same time shoots are selected throuhg the first part of the green pruning.

In consideration of how the season evolves, high weeds are cut so to generate a mulching, which helps to protect the soil from the rising temperature. A second mechanical passage with the inter-row blade is needed. We do not practice top tipping, but the longer shoots get crouched. Shortly before harvesting we proceed with a second deleafing if needed to avoid fungus attacks

...... ............



Finally if all went well, we harvest, strictly in small cases, then everything is bring to the  cellar

As for the agronomic management we stay in line with the SPEVIS approach thought by Ruggero Mazzilli, with arrangements depending on the weather and soil conditions of our vineyards. Our main purpose is the practice of a good agriculture with respect of both human living and Nature.



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