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Matelica is a small town in the Macerata hinterland, on the upper Vallesina, the only valley in the Marche Region which lays in the direction from north to south.

Its natural borders close the area to the sea influence with the result of a continental climate, featuring an important temperature variation day-night and also Summer-Winter. It is home to the Verdicchio di Matelica.

Such peculiar weather conditions bring the plants to select few fruiting buds in Winter, which during setting and beginning of maturation enjoy the strength of a warm summery sun, concentrating so much energy in a few selected grapes, providing an high sugar content at a first step and the alcoholic level in the wine later, with an high value in dry essence and mineral salt.


The result is a strong and structured wine, delicate and fresh, but equally solid and intense. Its final taste of bitter almond makes it unique and easily recognizable among many others.