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“The history of nature becomes the history of what men make of it.”

Michel Onfray in Vegetables: A Biography by Evelyne Bloch-Dano


We farmers protect the land and the landscape, liable for the fertility of the ground we will leave to future generations.

The hills of the Marche seem like a cared garden, as someone takes care of it.

Here, at Casa Lucciola, agriculture is meant as a reason to be in the world together with the world and not against it, to accompany Nature flowing its way and to seek coexistence with it, to earn a living and maintain our family, to progress by seeking a path together.


Sunset. In the background the Umbria-Marche Apennines


Before mother nature becomes stepmother

Evolution for many aspects has taken us away from mother nature. Mechanization allows you to do a lot more in a shorter time. For this reason we try to choose the tools that best suit nature. 

Experience sun in your face season after season, rain that nourishes the plants, snow, frost, wind. Guided by the calendar of Saints who beats the time of actions which need to be repeated year after year, old sayings full of ancient wisdom, superstitions, habits and flavors of the past. It is not obvious to have a roof over your head, the farmer's job is not easy at all and you are often alone and helpless against the elements. But you do not give up! Indeed you roll up your sleeves and try to do the best you can, in any circumstance.

quercia d'invernoOak in winter time

It is not my intention to criticize anyone. Many of my neighbors practice conventional farming, we are good friends and when I need help, they are the first to come as they are good people. Just like me they need to make ends meet. Because the sustainability of every business, its first goal is of course to produce an income. My aim is to reach a positive balance maintining a high quality product. A wine with good organoleptic qualities that pleases the customer and does not harm the planet. I sell you a bottle of wine and together with I want to offer you joy and health.

prima della tempesta

I do not need much to be repaid for the hard work of the day



​​​​​​​Casa Lucciola is equipped with an 11 kw photovoltaic system that tries to satisfy the energy needs of all production processes.
We try to make as little waste as possible, every by-product such as pomace or pruning shoots are composted to create humus.

impianto fotovoltaico​​​​​​​Photovoltaic system